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REACH - where do we stand today?

- experiences so far and current disputes

Time: Thursday 8th October 2009 between 13:00-16:00
Place: Roskilde University, ENSPAC Institute (exact room is announced later)


  • Sidsel Dyekjær, Technical Advisor, Danish Environmental Protection Agency: Where do we stand today?
  • Ninja Reineke, Senior Policy Officer, Chemicals, WWF European Policy Office, Brussels (working on REACH implementation issues and as stakeholder-representative in ECHA): Current controversial topics from an NGO perspective. Problems and challenges regarding the vPvB and PBT criteria, assessment of substances for the REACH candidate list, NGO priority list (SIN list), assessment of substances prioritised for authorisation.
  • Mette Herget, Head of Environmental Office, The Danish Chamber of Commerce (an independent, private business association): Downstream - users and retailers opportunities and challenges with REACH and candidate list obligations.
  • Jens Tørsløv, Head of Projects, Ph.D., Centre for Environment & Toxicology, DHI: SIEF, sharing of data and work – the learning so far.


Sidsel Dyekjær: Where do we stand today? default 091012 Reach Sd (6.41 MB) (6.41 MB)
Ninja Reineke: Identification and prioritisation of SVHCs default 091012 Reach Nr (15.48 MB) (15.48 MB)
Mette Herget: REACH – where do we stand today? default 091012 Reach Mh (246.66 kB) (246 KB)
Jens Tørsløv: SIEF – sharing of data and work default 091012 Reach Jt (643.75 kB) (643 KB)

Organisers: Det Økologiske Råd (The Ecological Council) in cooperation with the ENSPAC Institute, Roskilde University


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