Green NGOs in Greenland and Denmark publish the EIA draft report for the Kvanefjeld mining project and an expert opinion on the draft.

The press release is signed by The Danish Ecological Council, Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen (MSc, Independent consultant, Ceedata Consulting, and member of the Nuclear Consulting Group), Avataq, The URANI NAAMIK/NO TO URANIUM Society in Narsaq, The URANI NAAMIK/NO TO URANIUM Society in Nuuk, Nuup Kangerluata Ikinngutai /Friends of Nuuk Fiord, NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark, and SustainableEnergy.

At the beginning of October 2016, the Danish Broadcasting Cooperation gained access to the draft of the Kvanefjeld environmental impact assessment (EIA) report [1] under Greenland’s Act on Transparency of Public Administration. Later, Greenland’s biggest media outlet, Sermitsiaq/AG and The URANI NAAMIK/NO TO URANIUM Society in Narsaq also applied. However, the owner of the Kvanefjeld project, Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd. (GMEL), intervened and the Greenland Government suspended the access. On March 1st 2017, The Environmental Agency for Mineral Resource Activities decided not to give access [2].

The prolonged consideration of the case confirms once again the necessity of Greenland adopting the Aarhus Convention in order to give the public better access to environmental information [3]. The lack of transparency makes public participation very difficult, especially in regard to oil and mining projects.

Considering the immense interest in the Kvanefjeld mining project, we have decided to make the EIA draft report available to the public.

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