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Cars conference

Monday 14 May 2018
14 - 17
Stanhope Hotel,
Rue du Commerce 9,
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Fuel savings


Non-ETS targets

Climate change


The scandal about fake software in cars and manipulation of test results for both air pollution and CO2 means that the car-owners are being cheated. At a public meeting in April The Ecological Council will focus on how we clean up the scandal.

Public Meeting: ”Dieselgate” – manipulating car pollution

Wednesday 20 april 2016, 3-5.30 PM

Politiken, Foredragssalen, Vestergade 28, Copenhagen

Since September the scandal about manipulation of test results for both air pollution and CO2 from cars. First it was Volkswagen, but soon it turned out that a number of car manufacturers were involved. Fake software hiding the real air pollution had been installed. Besides, the EU has for many years used misleading test methods for CO2-emissions. This means that the car-owners are being cheated. The cars run on average app. 25% shorter per liter fuel than the manufacturers tell us.

We will focus on how we clean up the scandal. Why was it the US who revealed the fraud, when it is Europe that have far most diesel cars? Is it the car-producing member states that waters down EUs supervision of the car pollution?


15.00 Welcome 

15.05 Greg Archer, Transport&Environment, Bruxelles: Why dieselgate happened? And how to prevent another

15.35 prof. Eckard Helmers, University of Birkenfeld, Germany: Car emissions – is diesel any better than gasoline?

16.05 Kåre Press Kristensen, The Ecological Council: Manipulating air pollution

16.25 Jeppe Juul, The Ecological Council: Manipulating CO2 and fuel consumption

16.45 Discussion – panel and the audience

17.25 Summing up

Moderator: transport scientist Per Homann Jespersen, RUC

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