Traffic and air

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We have through many years presented proposal for reduction ofCO2 from traffic and the emissions in cities – including small particles -  by traffic reduction and use of particle filters, or through a shift to electric vehicles or gas,

This could be financed by increased taxes on diesel and diesel vehicles without filters.

We have

  • Discussed the relationships between traffic and life style, urban planning and other aspects of modern life.
  • Proposed a change in the car-related taxes, in order to reduce emissions – including a phase-out of the Danish tax reductions concerning the daily transport between home and place of work.
  • Proposed higher taxes on fuel and restrictions on car traffic in cities, e.g. by the use of congestion charging – and later road pricing.

Air pollution from Wood burning

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Legal Infos for Clean Air
This website provides interested association representatives (environmental associations, consumer protection organisations, citizens’ initiatives), regional authorities and municipalities from all the European member states, as well as interested citizens specific information about the litigation on air quality. You will find current proceedings against member states, completed or ongoing legal cases in connection with violations to the Air Quality Directive, and current developments related to the air pollution control measures. The DUH will answer your questions about air quality in your neighbourhood.