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The new 0.5 % sulphur limit enters into force in 2020. Next step is to ensure a successful implementation and enforcement of the sulphur limit to assure that shipowners can pass on all extra costs to cargo owners making shipping a cleaner business and maintaining fair competition. The conference will discuss key questions in relation to the 2020 global sulphur challenge.

Date/Venue: Tuesday the 21st March 2017 / Hotel Hilton, arrival terminal in Copenhagen Airport.

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pdf 10.10-10.30 The road leading to the 0.5 % sulphur limit and IMO’s role moving forward.
(1.92 MB)
Keynote: Edmund Hughes, Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency, IMO.

pdf 10.30-11.00 What are the options and the legal framework for enforcement and sanctioning outside the nations’ territorial limits? How does remote monitoring fit into the legal framework? (457 KB)
Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General, BIMCO.

pdf 11:00-11:30 How is the EU, and how is The Netherlands preparing for 2020? What are the learnings from the EU SECA? How can non-compliances be understood? Can risk based enforcement lower administrative burdens?
(1.61 MB)
Niels Lyklema, Policy Advisor, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

11.30-12.00 Enforcement of the 0.50 % sulphur limit by Danish Authorities (presentation links below)
- potential approaches to and benefits from international cooperation
- possible ways to detect and take action against non-compliant ships
  pdf Sara Røpke, Head of Division, Danish Environmental Protection Agency (641 KB) &
  pdf Henriette Bytoft Flügge, Head of division, Danish Maritime Authority. (729 KB)

pdf 13.00-13.30 How is the refining industry responding to the IMO decision? Are marine distillate fuels good business for the refineries? Or will the 0.5 % S fuel be met by fuels not produced today? (1.14 MB)
Rob Cox, Program Manager, IPIECA

pdf 13.30-14.00 How to replace 200 M tonnes of Heavy Fuel Oil overnight? Will the transition from HFO to 0.5 % S fuel be the largest challenge facing owners and refiners in 2020? Which mechanisms can be applied to avoid disruption of world trade? (712 KB)
Robin Meech, Marine and Energy Consulting Limited, IBIA.

pdf 14.00-14.30 MARPOL Annex VI and the EU Sulphur Directive – are they means to an end? How long before we will see proposals for tightening regulations? (1.05 MB)
Bill Hemmings, Director, Aviation and Shipping, Transport & Environment.